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Meet Marcy Mendenhall

President & CEO, SAL Family and Community Services

Marcy Mendenhall Headshot

Having spent the past few decades advocating locally and nationally for high-quality early childhood education as a social worker, and now as part of SAL Family & Community Services (SAL) and Skip-A-Long Child Development Services (SKIP), Marcy knows the profound impact early childhood education has not just on individuals, but entire communities.

So many have faced incredible challenges, especially over the past year: parents have had to leave work to care for their children, or they’ve had to deal with medical challenges. That’s where the work at SAL has proved essential. Through the pandemic, and for the past 50 years, they’ve supported families with a goal of helping them navigate the barriers that prevent them from moving their life forward in a positive way.

Raising Illinois is grateful for Marcy's commitment to our youngest learners.

Vibrant & Equitable Communities

"High-quality early learning and care, I wholeheartedly believe, is crucial to building a strong economy — and vibrant, equitable communities."

- Marcy Mendenhall, President & CEO, SAL Family and Community Services

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