Meet Ashley B.

New Mom & Home Visiting Participant

Recently, Liz T., home visitor with Children's Home & Aid, took time to hear from new mom Ashley B. about her home visiting experiences throughout the ongoing pandemic and her concerns for what the future holds for families. Take a look and what she shared below.


Ashley with her youngest child

Liz: What is your favorite part about participating in home visiting?


Ashley: I love having someone to talk to about my struggles and parenting. I feel more secure in the fact that my conversations with my home visitor will stay private and not end up on social media or being talked about in my friend group. I also love having dedicated time to do an activity together with my children.

Liz: How has your home visitor supported you and your family throughout the pandemic?

Ashley: My home visitor continued to support me, and I still feel that she is there for me and my family in this hard time. She checked in on me and my family even more in the pandemic, which was definitely needed.


Ashley's three oldest children

Liz: How did the expansion of benefits and supports during COVID-19 impact your family?


Ashley: I was able to not worry about food or money problems because of the extra benefits of the COVID relief money. I was able to focus on my children and really work on my mental health.

I definitely have connected more with my children during this time and feel less stressed. I was also able to provide more nutritional foods for my children that I wasn’t able to afford before the pandemic.

Liz: What supports or benefits do families need right now?

Ashley: I think that a lot of families are still struggling financially. Also, it is definitely a burden that a lot of people on unemployment are going to be losing money after they cut off the extra money so soon. There is still a pandemic going on so families are still in need of financial help.

Liz: Alternatively, what do you wish lawmakers knew about what families with young children want and need?

Ashley: There is still a pandemic going on, and families are still in need of financial help. It is stressful trying to parent, try to provide for your family, and keep your family safe from COVI-19. I am someone who has a felony on my background, and it is very difficult to get a job. I wish lawmakers could understand that families are trying, and we just need a little extra help.

Providing For Our Families Amidst a Pandemic: Difficult & Overwhelming

“I wish lawmakers could understand that families are trying, and we just need a little extra help."

- Ashley B., New Mom & Home Visiting Participant


Strengthened Home Visiting System

We know that evidence-based home visiting fosters seamless and equitable access to high-quality early childhood experiences and services from the prenatal-through-early-childhood-periods.

Through intentional investment and strategy, Illinois can offer robust home visiting and services that support expecting mothers and care for young children to establish healthy foundations, leverage opportunities for children’s developmental and future successes and achieve their full potential. 

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