Strong Infrastructure

Rebuild State & Community Systems That Benefit Families, Infants & Toddlers.

Currently, Illinois’ early childhood system is very complex and highly fragmented, making it difficult for families and professionals alike to navigate the variety of programs and services available to them.  


Unaligned Systems

A problem at community & state levels

At both the community and state levels, early learning and care programs, services and data systems are often unaligned, as are early childhood workforce competencies and professional development pathways and supports.

Recommended Strategies

These challenges compounded with extremely limited capacity at state agencies and workforce shortages hinder the state’s ability to build a stronger, collaborative early childhood infrastructure and respond to projected increases of children and families in need of services.

While our recommendations for investing in and rebuilding a strong infrastructure are undoubtedly ambitious, they are achievable and would go a long way toward supporting early learning professionals and the families they serve.

Cross-system Preparation, Professional Development & Supports

Provide our youngest children with high-quality early care and education by investing in the infant and toddler workforce.

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Strong State & Community Structures

Create an equitable and cohesive early childhood support system that makes it simple for families to access holistic care through increased capacity and collaboration across state agencies serving families.

News & Resources

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04 August 2022
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