New Home Visiting Study: UChicago Joint Research Fund to Study Dual Language Learner Families

Researchers from the University of Chicago Crown Family School and Chapin Hall are partnering with Baby TALK, Inc. on a project launching this October 2023 to understand how the Baby TALK Model supports dual-language learner (DLL) immigrant and refugee families. Child development, infant early childhood mental health and caregiver mental health outcomes for DLL families will be central to the project that is funded by the University of Chicago-Chapin Hall Joint Research Fund.

This project will highlight how DLL families, including those who are new arrivals to the United States, engage in Baby TALK home visitation and how home visitation supports these very young children, caregivers and families. The project will also provide insight into the different resources and community supports that are most helpful for DLL families and the role home visitors can play in helping families stay connected to social and materials resources that improve overall family wellbeing beyond home visiting. 

To achieve these goals, the research team will be reviewing de-identified data from select programs across Illinois to gain a deeper understanding of the profiles of DLL families served in the Baby TALK network. This includes understanding the size of families, the ages of children enrolled, the languages spoken in their home and other important demographic characteristics. The researchers will also review assessment records that capture child development trends, parent-child interaction data and general information on family needs.  

Beyond the numbers, the UChicago researchers will also capture the stories, knowledge and insights of people directly impacted by the Baby TALK Model. They will be interviewing select program directors, home visitors and families to understand what the Model means to them, how it supports individual and family needs, and needs specific to DLL families that we as a field should better understand.  

All the findings will be shared with study constituents to ensure research continues to leverage evidence that improves local programs and ultimately, the lives of children and families supported by Baby TALK and in home visiting programs broadly. 


Raising Illinois celebrates this research and looks forward to the study findings!

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