Raising Illinois Racial Equity Toolkit

Resources built by Erikson Institute to use in your anti-racism practice.

"Anti-Racism" is the actions and practices used to challenge and transform beliefs, ideas, behaviors, policies, institutions, and systems that support forms of white supremacy, racism, and the oppression of Black people and other groups who have been historically marginalized.

Our work towards being an anti-racist coalition is rooted in our principle of racial equity. As advocates, it's paramount that we operate from an understanding of our own influence, and the knowledge that to be anti-racist requires us all to be co-conspirators committed to the work of dismantling white supremacy.

The Raising Illinois Racial Equity Toolkit, which you can download below, was built by Erikson Institute with feedback from members of Raising Illinois' lead facilitating organizations so that we can collectively center racial equity across the coalition as we address the needs of infants, toddlers, their families and the early childhood workforce.

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How to Use The Toolkit

Our vision is that these resources will be an asset to guide our collective work as part of Raising Illinois. The slides contain guidelines for norms & processes, templates for meeting decks and meeting guidelines to ensure that the spaces where we gather are sources of open discussion where everyone is valued, and in which we can build stronger connections.

Beyond the scope of our coalition, our hope is that these resources will be valuable in all of your anti-racist practice, at your home organization/network as well as in your personal life.

This resource is a living document that will change over time, and we welcome your thoughts on how it can be improved! Don't hesitate to reach out to RaisingIllinois@StartEarly.org with any ideas or resources that you come across that you think would be helpful in this work!

In the toolkit, you will find:

  • Helpful Definitions
  • Meeting Guidelines
  • Impact Assessments
  • Tools on Using Data & Language
  • Resources for Personal Learning
  • Training Opportunities


We encourage you to take some time to download the toolkit and click through the links embedded in the slides to access the full depth of resources included.

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Additional Resources for Personal Learning

The articles, podcasts, and videos linked below are additional resources to enhance your anti-racism journey. We hope that these materials will be an asset in understanding the many varied ways that white supremacy affects our daily lives, and how we can better be co-conspirators together in racial equity work.

 Parent Resources on Anti-Racism


Anti-Racism in Early Childhood


Being An Abolitionist Co-Conspirator


What Success and Healing Look Like

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