Our 2022 Accomplishments & 2023 Priorities

Reflecting on last year's wins and setting this year's goals

Each year, our coalition sets the policy priorities which spearhead our collective work. We're excited to share the successes we had in 2022, a year in which historic early childhood investments were made despite the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty. These wins were achieved through federal, state, and local budget advocacy, legislative advocacy, administrative and implementation advocacy, and public awareness and engagement.


Highlights from our 2022 Accomplishments include:

  • $25M expansion of Chicago-based nurse home visiting program, serving 5,500+ families
  • $13.6M increase in PN3 services funded through Early Childhood Block Grant
  • Increased provider rates, reduced family copayments & increased income eligibility for Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • $7M increase in Early Intervention services
  • Expansion of Earned Income Credit eligibility
  • $110M investment in the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity (ECACE), leading to 1,000+ pipeline scholarships
  • Establishment of Birth to Five Illinois Action Councils & Family Councils

Building on last year's wins, we've set our policy priorities for 2023 across four policy-specific goals and seven interconnected strategies.

Highlights from our 2023 Priorities include:

  • Medicaid coverage for doula services & UNSS
  • Improved home visiting data collection & integration
  • $82.1M increase to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • Reduction of Early Intervention service delivery disparities by race & age
  • Passage of statewide paid family & medical leave, and paid sick time without preemption
  • Funding for Infant Mental Health Certificate cohorts to improve consultant pipeline
  • Public engagement with Birth to Five Illinois

We encourage you to join us in advancing new and refreshed priorities, amplifying efforts and sharing information about our collective work. Get involved today to join the Raising Illinois coalition and be a part of our robust and diverse advocacy efforts!

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