New Resource! Infant & Toddler Child Care Roadmap

New Report Provides Recommendations For Meeting the Demand of Child Care

As a part of our policy agenda, Raising Illinois proposed the creation of a roadmap to meet the demand for high-quality child care in Illinois. Start Early, a Raising Illinois Lead Facilitating Organization, led the project which results in 7 key policy recommendations.

The Infant & Toddler Child Care Roadmap explores various ways Illinois can better meet the needs of families with infants and toddlers through the lens of the State’s child care community. Themes that emerged include workforce issues and cost of care, as well as supports for children with disabilities, mental health concerns, community engagement, and negative perception of the early childhood field.

“If I could wave a wand and make a wish, it would be for early childhood education to be respected and valued by our community...
During the pandemic I saw more public support for our grocery store clerks than our child care workforce. Both are vital!"

Infant Toddler Child Care Roadmap Participant

Key Recommendations from the Infant Toddler Child Care Roadmap

  • Strengthen the perception and reputation of infant-toddler teachers and other professionals working with children under age 3
  • Strengthen the workforce
  • Increase engagement with local communities
  • Improve the Child Care Assistance Program
  • Increase supports for children with disabilities, and early childhood staff and families struggling with mental health and social emotional challenges
  • Increase business and operational supports to child care programs
  • Improve availability of data on infants and toddlers

Want to Learn More?

Join us Thursday, September 22 for a deep dive into the Roadmap's recommendations to empower and uplift child care providers.

During this recorded event you will:

  • Learn about the Infant & Toddler Child Care Roadmap project & it’s connection to the PN3 Policy Agenda
  • Explore the power of quality child care & the importance of the child care workforce
  • Hear from child care providers about one solution they recommend for increasing supply of providers in the state
  • Hear from parents, advocates and business leaders about their experiences accessing child care
  • Engage in various ways of amplifying the child care providers in your community

The event recording will also be shared out with those who are unable to join us on September 22!


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