Take Action! "Babies Can't Wait" Postcard Campaign

Fill out a postcard & share your Early Intervention story with legislators & program administrators. Let them know that our babies can't wait!

Many families whose children need and want Early Intervention (EI) services report they are spending too long waiting--some aren't getting a call to start the process, others are waiting months for evaluations, and some are waiting too long for the therapies they're supposed to receive. We know that EI services are so important and the earlier children get services, the better they do.

Please take a moment to share with us your experience with EI and the impact it has had on your child's life. We want to hear your story, whether you were able to receive services and have noticed the impact on your child, or you are still struggling to get into EI. We're excited to take your stories and create postcards to share with program administrators and legislators to demonstrate that that they must invest more money in these critical services now, because our babies can't wait!

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Fill out a postcard using the form below & we will help you share your Early Intervention story with legislators & program administrators.

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Our Priority: Optimized Early Intervention

Across Illinois, there is a clear lack of awareness of Early Intervention (EI) services available to families and the criteria for who can access these services, even among early childhood and health care providers. Raising Illinois is committed to ensuring equitable access to EI services and supports that can make a lifelong difference.

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